The World's Most Famous Teddy Bears

05 Jun 2018 17:23

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The teddy bear, that adorable 20th century superstar and everybody's favourite childhood soft toy, has an enviable pedigree. Inspired into existence over a hundred years back by no less than a former President of the USA at America, and almost simultaneously in Germany, teddy bears went on to capture the public imagination as no other stuffed toy has done up to now. It had been cuddly, endearing and reassuring. Small wonder than nearly everybody, from distinguished statesmen into the kid in the neighbourhood clamoured for one.

Were you aware that in 1985, London's auction house Christies held its first-ever auction of old teddy bears? Teddy bears are, undoubtedly, everybody's favorite stuffed animal.

Here are a Few of the all-time favorites:

1. Winnie the Pooh / Pooh Bear

Winnie the Pooh is arguably one of the most famous bears ever. His birth has an interesting story…

During a regular stop of a train transporting soldiers from Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) to eastern Canada through the WWI, in White River, Ontario, a young lieutenant Harry Colebourn bought a tiny female black bear cub from the guy who'd just shot its mother. The orphan was named'Winnipeg', after his hometown of Winnipeg, also shortened to'Winnie'.

In December 1919, Colebourn presented the London Zoo with Winnie where it quickly became a huge attraction. The London Zoo became Winnie's house till she died in 1934.

Christopher Robin, son of writer A.A. Milne, used to love this small, black bear and had nicknamed his very own stuffed bear'Winnie'. It had been his son's fascination for this bear that prompted Milne to compose a complete series of books about Winnie the Pooh. Incidentally, the name of Pooh originally belonged to a swan. 'Winnie-the-Pooh' was published by Methuen on October 14th, 1926.

Today, children's toy shops are dominated by Pooh paraphernalia. There are Winnie-the-Pooh bears, clothes, bedding, animated cartoons, and even web sites.

2. most famous teddy bears Bear

A classic among children's literature, Paddington Bear was charming children of all ages because it was first created by a British author, Michael Bond, in 1958.

Bond depended upon a teddy bear sitting slightly forlornly on a shelf in a shop near Paddington Station in London in 1956. Something about this solitary monster caught Bond's imagination and he shortly penned the first book known as'A Bear Called Paddington'. This adorable little bear is actually an immigrant who hailed from Darkest Peru. He hid himself on the lifeboat of a boat and came in England, as advised by his Aunt Lucy who had reared him up to now.

This tiny bear instantly endeared himself to its young (and not-so-young) readers with his old hat, battered suitcase, duffle jacket and love of marmalade sandwiches. Although he had a talent for getting into trouble, he also had an almost-human sense of right and wrong and shunned wild adventures.

The first Paddington Bear soft toy was created in 1972 by Gabrielle Designs, a small company run by Shirley and Eddie Clarkson. It was Shirley Clarkson who gave youthful Paddington his trademark Wellington boots to assist the bear stand upright.

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