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09 Jun 2018 04:14

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Gizmonatics is part of The Neurodiversity Foundation, a small growing charity based in the UK that is working hard to improve the lives of people with Autism, Mental Health and Disabilities through various projects including AMHA, a share platform dedicated to raising awareness around Autism and Mental Health, and a new Mental Health Awareness Brand called Whatlabel.

Gizmonatics is UK based, and was designed, developed and maintained by people on the Autism Spectrum with the help of The Neurodiversity Foundation. We have created a dedicated online store for all things Fidget Spinners and Sensory Toys.

fidget cubes launched initially in 2016 as a blog to help parents find appropriate toys for children on the spectrum, as part of our revamp in 2018, we are expanding Gizmonatics to not only include reviews and advise, but a new catalog of products sourced from around the world.

Gizmonatics will also donated profit to The Neurodiversity Foundation to ensure they can continue to fund other projects and continue to raise awareness and end the stigma attached to Autism, Mental Health and Disabilities.

Please check out our store Hopefully you will find some amazing products to enjoy!

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