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11 Jun 2018 10:49

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Tourists in Israel can choose from a wide range of Israel tours during their visit. The different types of conducted tours in Israel include Israel Holy land tour that will center around holy places of Israel, Israel Jewish heritage tour that will revolve around places of Jewish significance, Israel Christian tour that will focus only on places of Christian significance and Israel classic tour that will take the tourists to only the well known places of Israel.

Other than these broad tours, tourists can also decide to visit only specific places of interest. Israel offers special tours dedicated only for these types of tourists. Well known tours of these kinds are Jerusalem tours that concentrate only in areas in and around the holy city of Jerusalem, tours to Dead Sea as well as to Masada.

Fascinating fact about Jerusalem tours

Jerusalem is perhaps the only city of the modern world that is considered to be a holy place by pilgrims of three of the oldest monotheist religions of the world - Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Jerusalem is home to shrines and monuments considered holy by all the three faiths. The Dome of the Rock is a sacred place for the Islamic faith. The Christians come in large numbers to visit the Church of Ascension, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the tomb of the Virgin Mary. The most sacred place of the Jewish faith, the Wailing Wall is located in Jerusalem.

Dead Sea has been a popular place for the tourists who want to spend some relaxing time in Jerusalem. Israel Travel Magazine to the presence of high level of salt content in the sea, the sea does not support any aquatic life forms. More interestingly, no one drowns in the Dead Sea. The high amount of salt content allows everyone to float in the sea no matter how heavy that individual is. The discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls from the surrounding caves during the late 40s and mid 50s has made Dead Sea tours gain immense popularity over the years.

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